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"The most important thing that an actor needs to do is not to act, but to react. That's what it is all about, and you do one of the most difficult things in the world, which is to just be--to be in the state of being."
- Johnny Depp

"Konsui Fighter"

“Siddhartha has a very professional and down-to-earth approach to voice acting. He shows true passion for bringing the characters he voices to life, and went the extra step in creating a performance that expanded on the script and character materials he was provided. Siddhartha took direction well and was willing to experiment along with the director during recording sessions. We at Circean Studios are excited to share his performance in Konsui Fighter as Itami, and look forward to the opportunity to work with him again on future projects!” - Shayne Helms, Director, Circean Studios

"Enter the Interventors"

"Bask in the hilariousness of this animal-themed animation of famillial rivalries and antics! The quick-worded Vincent (played by Siddhartha) can't express enough how much he despises Ace (Mark), and will stop at nothing to ruin and put an end to his excessive, care-free dating. Tangled not only with bubbling dark, ill-intent disguised by facades of friendly help, but also filled with a morbid, sitcom-style humour - this is a skit you won't want to miss out on!"

"Mizari Loves Company"

“We cast Siddhartha in the role of Issen for our project ‘Mizari Loves Company’. Since then, he has done excellent work that has been delivered in a very timely manner, well before our deadlines. We couldn’t be happier with his work. He developed an age-appropriate voice and great British accent to help really make his character blend into the game’s setting, based solely on the short description we gave for the casting call. In addition, from his audition lines to his finished work, he has perfectly emulated the essence of Issen, where others didn’t quite seem to ‘get’ the character.” - Jacqueline Maillet, Director, Reine Works

"Gate Seekers"

"Siddhartha is a fantastic actor to work with. He delivers his lines on time, and we are thoroughly impressed with his level of professionalism. He is a strong communicator and a talented artiste. We look forward to working with Siddhartha in the future.” - Tiffany Lim, Executive Director, Story Sight Studio

"What if Italy was a Pokemon Region?"

"Siddhartha was one of the main components in my "What If Italy Was A Pokemon Region" video. He played a bratty Rival who also had a complicated history, and Siddhartha was able to capture the nuance and depth of the rival while also bringing a lot of the snobbyness of the character to life. His lines were delivered quickly and in great quality too!" - Levi Olsen, Director, Mr Buddy

"Dead Wishes"

“Siddhartha was a pleasure to work with and such a charismatic personality on our team. He is very dedicated to his work and talented to match! We loved how flexible he was with lines, as well as always positive and receptive to suggestions. A great actor and even greater to work with.” - Sabrina Boone, Director, Violet Dev Team

"The Office Type"

"Siddhartha's performance has been excellent, providing high-quality voice work with remarkable range in a timely manner. He has an active community presence and great schedule flexibility, and we'd be happy to recommend him and work with him again!" - Jack Guffey, Creative Director, Heavy Thought Studios

Yuu Takamine & Tsubasa Otori
"Caladria Chronicles"

"Siddhartha is a reliable voice actor, with a wide range of voices too." - Jessica Higgins-Meyer, Producer, Starlight Visual

Additional Voices
"Fredbear and Friends: Reboot"

"An interesting Fan Twist on The Gaming Franchise Five Nights At Freddy's. It allows the player to move around and interact with the environment while running from haunted animatronics, with incredible adrenaline-pumping sound design and Triple-A graphic aesthetics! Siddhartha had the priveledge to provide voice work for the game, and it was, without question, a rewarding experience for his acting repetoire."